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Recycle Week: I’ve made my pledge!

by tabithapotts

It’s Recycle Week from June 22nd until June 28th this year in the UK, and Recycle Now are inviting us all to make a pledge to recycle more, or in a different way from before. I already do home composting in the garden and recycle food waste and paper, aluminium, cardboard and plastic, thanks to the excellent recycling service offered by Tower Hamlets Council. I try and donate other stuff to charity, put it on craigslist and (occasionally) sell on Ebay. However, I’ve decided to try and tackle one of the most pressing clutter problems in my household, which is electrical equipment, unwanted gadgets and (aagh) cables and batteries. Batteries sit around waiting to go to recycling, and rejoin new batteries in a jumbled pile. So I am going to sort out the unused gadgets, old computers, cables and batteries. My first step has been to buy a battery tester, a mere £3 from Amazon. I’ll blog later in the week about how I’ve disposed of other things! And if I don’t carry out my pledge, I give up Facebook and Twitter for a whole week: which is a terrifying prospect…

Recycle Week

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