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Day 3 zero Waste Week

by tabithapotts

We had fish pie last night using my mums recipe (she is the author of the Paupers Cookbook and taught me all I know about food!). This used up our home grown tomatoes and some frozen prawns which had been lurking for a while). I fried the beetroot leaves in butter with peas, they are delicious cooked this way).

Tonight we are having a frittata, essentially a fat omelette you cook in the oven. I substituted the grated courgette in Abel and Cole’s recipe for rocket which I had in the fridge and was getting close to its use by date. I also left out raisins, as I don’t think they would work.

I have discovered some frozen sardines lurking in the freezer so am going to try pickling them and have bought some pickling vinegar. I am also going to try and make chutney from some unripe green tomatoes from our home growing efforts so I will be using vinegar for that as well. Recipes coming soon!

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mrs green @ myzerowaste 9th September 2010 - 2:33 pm

Yum! Tell me about the beetroot leaves – were they like spinach or did they have a unique taste? Green tomato chutney is gorgeous and I’d never heard of pickling sardines; will be interested to hear how that goes as I think my DD might fancy those 🙂

Thanks for sharing all your ideas and lovely photos 🙂

Tabitha 9th September 2010 - 8:15 pm

I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! It’s quite a challenge but an enjoyable one trying to shop sensibly and avoid waste. Although I thought I was being careful generally I think we probably wasted quite a lot without realising.

Beetroot leaves are lovely cooked, definitely have a subtle beetroot flavour but similar to spinach. Abel and Cole also suggest cooking the green bits on cauliflower – I tried it once but undercooked them I think, will have to have another go!

As for pickling, one of the frozen packets of fish has been there over a year so am not sure I can pickle those! But am defrosting a less elderly pack and will report back on results.

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