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Jocasta Innes speaks about cooking on a budget on Brick lane!

by tabithapotts

Jocasta Innes, author of best-selling budget cookery classic, The Pauper’s Cookbook and over sixty other titles on cookery, interior decoration and lifestyle, is giving a free talk for fans at the Eastside Books bookshop on Brick Lane on Saturday June 13th between 12 noon and 1pm. She will be making dishes for visitors to try – some will feature great local ingredients from shops on Brick Lane like the well-known Taj Stores, a few doors down. Come along for a convivial chat about food, tasting session and book signing at Eastside Books in Spitalfields!

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steve 14th July 2009 - 5:57 pm

re “frugal food”
way back in 1971 I had run thro most of the recipes…….gave my girlfriend “lentils and anchovies” turned out she had given the recipe to Jocasta in swanage in late 60’s…..

anne walker 5th June 2009 - 6:10 am

Please pass this comment to Jocasta Innes.

We decorated the walls of a room with a ‘Paint Magic’ non-absorbent Matt Emulsion 10 years ago. It’s still looking good today!

Please will you pass this comment onto Jocasta Innes as we have discovered something quite extraordinary about this paint.

We had to refill some holes in a wall and were reluctantly going to repaint the whole room with a different brand paint, as ‘Paint Magic’ is no longer available.
We discovered we still had some of the original paint in storage so we decided to try and patch over the filled areas with this and see what it looked like.
The newly painted areas look IDENTICAL to the original wall colour.
INCREDIBLE!…how can such a colour match with the same ‘chalky finish be made 10years on?
What an amazing paint, totally unique. Thankyou Jocasta.

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