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Small Business 2.0

by tabithapotts

This was a interesting event, aimed at small businesses who were looking to use Web 2.0 (that’s Facebook, myspace and all the ways we use to connect with others – the cuddly web, if you like) to promote their products and services. A lot of it was aimed at Ebayers, which I’m not, except in a purely personal capacity when trying to get rid of unwanted bits of clutter. The best sessions, in my opinion, were by Dan Wilson on using Web 2.0 (I liked his comment that Facebook does not take up a lot of time and you can get away with only four to five hours a day) and Ivan Croxford on using BT Tradespace. I already have a presence on Tradespace but am going to add some products as well and try using it for sales. I also sat in on an email marketing talk but found it very specific to the company presenting (ie, use us and this will happen) rather than generally informative. The official website will have videos of the talks.

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