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Audiobook and new short story available

by tabithapotts

I’ve been wanting to create an audiobook for a while so took some time over the summer to create an Audible version of my short story collection. It is quite technically challenging as ACX has specific requirements for audiobook creators, but being a podcaster gives you a punk attitude to technology – basically, do it yourself – and I’m very happy with the finished result. I am now thinking of creating an audiobook of some of our most popular short stories on Storyradio.org.

Here’s the link to listen to a sample: A Book of Short Stories by Tabitha Potts

On Story Radio recently, we featured a short story which I began on my Creative Writing MA and edited recently as part of our Waking the Dead flash fiction special. This was a writing workshop we ran in the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, one of London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries. Claire Slack, the heritage officer, told us all about the stories of some of the graves and we then used them as inspiration for our own work.

You can listen to my short story, Shake and Shiver (Cockney rhyming slang for river) and other workshop stories and flash fiction below:

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