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Elixir Magazine in print for the first time

by tabithapotts
Photograph of Elixir Magazine

The Elixir Magazine is one of the magazines that has frequently published my work. It was started in Yemen in the city of Sana’a, by a remarkable young woman named Esra’ AlNaggar. It gives a voice to women, in particular, who may not always have had access to a platform. The Elixir Magazine was launched on January 1st, 2019 and they have managed to create an international team via Twitter.

It’s a wonderful, hopeful and peaceful project in a war-torn country. As they say on their website: “We try to remind our audience that reading can be both entertaining and beneficial. Also, The Elixir acts as a platform for aspiring poets, short-story tellers, journalists and prose writers”. Have a look at some of the short stories they have published. Or if you’d like to support them, consider buying a copy of their Special Edition print magazine on Etsy. I have a short story in it (Hagstone).

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