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CLiKD interviewed me as part of their ‘Creative Interview’ series

by tabithapotts

I was recently interviewed by CLiKd, the dating agency for creatives, about my writing. They were interested in finding out how I found inspiration for my work and what gave me the most satisfaction as a writer.

I talked to them about my short stories, including Swing Me and Beneath the Skin,  and poems. We also talked about how I quit my job in marketing to write full time, then was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to spend six months having surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy just before I started my studies for an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck this time last year.

It’s not something I’d recommend to anyone, but cancer does concentrate the mind wonderfully and it has made me much more determined to focus on what’s important to me.

I’ve been fighting my way back (literally, in fact, I’ve just restarted my Muay Thai kickboxing lessons) and am starting to feel a lot more like myself.

It’s great to feel the side effects of treatment diminish and physical strength return, although I’m aware it’s a long and difficult journey.

I shared some book recommendations as well if you want something frightening to read for Halloween (or any time, in fact)!

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