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Finalist for the Mum-entrepreneur Award!

by tabithapotts

I’ve been chosen as a Finalist for the Mum-entrepreneur award at the Women’s Business Conference in Birmingham this Friday. They say that ‘this award is for any mother who has established a unique and growing business whilst bringing up a family’ and I’m very excited at being among the finalists. I think these prizes do reflect the growing numbers of mothers who are starting up their own businesses because they are frustrated (as I was) by the fact that having a conventional career forces you to work long hours and see your family life suffer (and of course pay a large proportion of what you earn on childcare) while freelancing or working part time means you have little financial security. I don’t think I’d rule out returning to full time paid employment in the future, if I found something as rewarding to do, but I do love the freedom and the ability to be flexible about childcare that working for myself gives me. Watch this space, and I’ll let you know how I get on!

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