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Women in Ethical Business Awards

by tabithapotts

The Women in Ethical Business Awards was a great event, sponsored by Triodos Bank (an ethical bank if you don’t know them, who support many ethical companies) in association with eve magazine. It was a very inspiring event, it was particularly interesting to see how many women are drawn towards working in ethical business – lots of different ages and backgrounds, what we all had in common was an interest in the environment and trying to make a difference. It was presented very amusingly by journalist Lucy Siegle who complained about greenwash and some of the not very green products that she has had sent to her. Natracare and Brown Cow were among the winners, but everyone nominated had a fantastic company and products and I felt very privileged to be there and have the chance to meet them. We even got a goodie bag afterwards, a reusable canvas one of course. Among the contents were some of the ‘feminine’ variety including an ‘intimate lubricant’ (water-based and non-toxic, naturally) called ‘yes yes yes’ (very Molly Bloom). These days, it seems a girl is able to embrace the green ethos from top to bottom and, er, Down Below.

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