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Green small business start-up

by tabithapotts

Small businesses are cynical about green initiatives according to this blog, which gives the statistic that over a quarter of small businesses think that the cost of green measures will be greater than the benefits of adopting them.

I am setting up a green business, an online sales portal aimed at parents who want to make eco-friendly choices for their children, and on the whole have found that taking green choices does not cost more. I am admittedly still at the start-up phase, and am just applying for funding with my shiny new business plan, but so far none of the measures I’ve adopted seem to be punitively expensive. I am planning to use an eco-friendly courier, an eco-friendly web designer and hosting and offset any unavoidable carbon emissions. Only offsetting and donating a percentage of costs to an environmental charity add extra cost ( and I’m doing that from choice, as I’m setting up an ethical business). Even ethical business banking (I’m looking at the Cooperative Bank at the moment, although I’m researching Smile and Triodos as well) need not cost more if you go for one which offers free business banking for the first two years.

I am going to write up my experiences and give some recommendations as I continue setting up shop – I hope other ethical entrepreneurs will be interested in seeing how I progress!

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Ibrahim 15th July 2009 - 9:27 am

I am pleased that you are starting an Ethical and Eco-Friendly business. You have my full support. I am also a so called Ethical entrepreneur and trying to start up a small business within the summer. I am looking to provide my local areas with eco-friendly products that will start to make a small change and hopefully inspire many other younger entrepreneurs to rise to the challenge.

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