Red Snow by Will Deans review by Tabitha Potts

Review by Tabitha Potts

I’m a sucker for crime stories set in wintry landscapes and have snowplowed my way through so many Scandi noir crime tales that I sometimes fear I will run out of new ones to read. I was delighted, therefore, to discover Will Dean’s Dark Pines, which featured a quirky, stubborn, journalist protagonist named Tuva Moodyson, based in the small Swedish town of Gavrik, who doesn’t let her hearing impairment get in the way of solving crimes.

The sequel, Red Snow, features many of the characters we came to know in the first of the series, Tuva’s best friend, Thai chef Tammy Yamnim, David Holmqvist, the loner ghostwriter who likes to cook elaborate offal dishes and Lena, Tuva’s long-suffering boss at the local paper she writes for. But Tuva herself is facing changes. She’s had a job offer in the city of Malmö and she’s leaving in two weeks.




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