Standing as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats in May 2018

I am standing as a candidate in Mile End Ward for the Liberal Democrats. I’ve lived in East London for many years and have studied in the past at Central Foundation School for Girls and Tower Hamlets College. I have also worked and volunteered in Tower Hamlets, teaching ESOL for a Spitalfields charity, founding a small business, campaigning to save an adventure playground and running a toddlers’ playgroup in Stepney.

I joined the Liberal Democrats immediately after the referendum – I voted Remain, like a majority of the people of Tower Hamlets – but I was already interested in their environmental policies, educational ideas and commitment to an open, tolerant and united society.

As a parent living in the area, I’m interested in issues that affect local young people and families – crime, housing, pollution, recycling, education and so on. I am proud to be part of such a vibrant and diverse community and hope very much to represent the people of Mile End in Tower Hamlets Council.

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