Zero Waste Week Day One Planning the week’s menu

The weekly meal plan for this week is meant to be Monday fish pie (using sustainably sourced pollack which I get with my veg box delivery), second day frittata (using an excellent Abel and Cole recipe), third day quiche, fourth day chicken wings which is a new recipe I tried out recently and final weeknight couscous and lamb tagine.

I haven’t done my weekly online shop yet (I’m already behind!) so with the view of using up leftovers first I am going to turn leftover Sunday roast beef into goulash and shuffle the fish pie to Tuesday. This also involves using up some store cupboard rice, although to be honest this never sits around in my cupboard for too long as we love rice and eat it at least once a week. I’ve also got plums in this week’s veg delivery, so I will make plum crumble, and some beetroots and cauliflower which I will need to cook soon. As a result I think I will skip making the chicken wings this week and do a beetroot and orange salad or borscht instead, and do a cauliflower cheese dish or curried cauliflower. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting on trying to avoid wasting food!

I did a great store cupboard meal last night though and used up some vegetables that were hanging around: I found some miso paste packets in the cupboard and added a few mushrooms, broad beans sliced diagonally, frozen peas, noodles and tofu pieces I’d bought for a stir fry. It took about 10 minutes to make and was a delicious change from stir fry.

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