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Blogging ethics and my policy

by tabithapotts

Bloggers have been in the news a bit recently due to controversy over whether they are open about when they are selling products, what they are promoting and so on. I have to say most of the blogs I read are very entertaining and well-written and if the writer would like to make some profits from their hard work, I for one say why not? The problem is only when people can not distinguish between promoting a product that you are selling and a review of a product (advertorial, in other words) or when you do not disclose that you have a commercial interest in writing about something.

I like to talk about events, products and issues that interest me. .

As I’ve had several organisations contact me recently to ask me to blog about them or their products, I think it is time to state my position here. I am happy to blog about non-profit or green causes or events provided I have the time. I will occasionally blog about other campaigns, products or services that I have found useful/entertaining/intriguing. If anyone asks me to review/visit/blog about something, I will a) guarantee to give my blog readers my honest opinion on that product/website/service b) disclose that I have been asked to review/visit/blog about that product/website/service.

Here are some (only a few) of the blogs I read, although ‘blog’ is a bit simplistic for some of them (more multimedia colossi):

The Rockmother She’s so funny!
Dulwich MumShe makes me laugh as well
The Green FamiliaBrenda is one of the best green bloggers
The Ginlady The Ginlady won an Evolved Blogger award recently for her Green, Independent News blog
Bambino GoodiesThe coolest kids products review site with design news etc

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