Juggling Work and Childcare over the Summer Holidays

“Recently I was rung on the telephone by a journalist who wanted to ask me about working from home. As I was chatting away to her, I mentioned that one of the risks of working from home is children interrupting you on a business call. As if on cue, I hear a “Mum”! from the bathroom, as my youngest child is not able to open the door by himself, so have to excuse myself to let him out and chat to him before returning to the phone call. So many people work from home these days, that having children within earshot while taking a work call is not regarded as the crime it might once have been – and didn’t I start my own business so I could play with the kids, go to the gym and eat lunch when I wanted, rather than at someone else’s whim? However, I have paid the price for my flexible working lifestyle, as I said to the journalist on the phone, sometimes it’s hard for me to switch off and I don’t think I’m the only one.”

Read the rest of this interview with Tabitha Potts, featured on BT Tradespace,here

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