Entrepreneurs in London 2008

Getting Though the Recession, An Interview With Gerard Burke, Zac Goldsmith, Anthony Holmes And Andy Raynor –

Linda Duberley interviews Gerard Burke – Founder and Managing Director of Business Growth Partnership Ltd, Zac Goldsmith – Green Social Entrepreneur, Anthony Holmes – Turnaround Specialist & Transitional Leadership Expert and Andy Raynor – CEO of Tenon Group Plc. They talk about how to get through the recession at Entrepreneurs in London 2008.

Entrepreneurs in London was a good event, but I had limited time to attend and I think went to the wrong session, I missed Zac Goldsmith at the beginning of this one and for the next session ended up listening to the WASPS management team talking about the similarities between rugby and business, which went completely over my head 🙂 however, there are plenty of interesting speakers on the Fresh Business Thinking video site to interest entrepreneurs I think!

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