More Christmas tree decoration tips from Jocasta Innes

Today’s tip from Jocasta Innes’ DIY Christmas is to spray or paint a plastic doily in gold or silver and hang it on the tree with red ribbon (use the compostable red ribbon from Wild Cherry mentioned in my previous post, or recycle some if you can!). You usually get these when you buy a cake, although they are not as common as they used to be. They look charming, as she says, hung up on tree branches.

A tip Mimimyne has to add to this: have you tried using scratched CD’s as decorations? These tend to clutter up the house otherwise or go into landfill. We decorated some at the Paintbox playgroup I run in East London using glitter glue and added tissue paper ‘angel wings’ (you can use paper doilies, cut in half, for this) and a round sticky paper ‘head’ to make recycled Christmas glittery angels! We now have a flock of them flying around the playgroup, and they look very pretty. I will post some pictures next week!

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