A domain by any other name would smell as sweet

I’ve got a meeting to discuss financing my start-up business this week and I am still agonising over my company name. I had a domain and company name which is not registered at Companies House, but unfortunately, I do not have the .com, and that makes me uncomfortable. On the advice of someone who knows more than I do about branding, I registered some variants, but after pestering friends and family for their responses I’ve only found out that each person will like and dislike different names and there’s no one name that stands out from the pack. I personally think the bobo, heehee nonsense-type names will date quickly and I like a name that means something and explains the concept, but not in an awful, obvious way, as in ecostuff4kids.com. Vile! So I’ve gone back to the drawing board, amazed to find that most of my silliest ideas have been registered already and promising myself I won’t use any numbers, nerd-speak or h-yph-ens. The other danger in naming any site selling products for children is ending up with something that is so cute it’s gag-inducing, so I’m trying to watch for that.

A useful article about choosing domain names

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