Desperately seeking finance

British Library Business and IP Centre is a fantastic resource for start-ups based in London: I’ve used the Business and IP Centre quite extensively to get hold of free copies of research documents which otherwise you would end up paying for. It also has free access to some useful sounding software such as Grantnet and Grantfinder and Credit Safe, which I am going to be testing out soon (so far, I’ve been using Business Link and Small Business Resource, which both seem quite helpful). I’m also going to the Desperately Seeking Finance workshop, which gives people a chance to pitch their ideas to a group of investors – and audition to be in the Dragon’s Den (not my cup of tea, frankly). There’s a Facebook group for start-ups and entrepreneurs, so you can network online if you want to.

Update: Business Link now merged with so I have updated the link. Thanks to Small biz home for the heads up.

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