Eco holidays

We stayed in this eco-cottage for our Easter break and I promised the owners, Trev and Sue Wheeler, I’d blog about it. It’s a rather amazing place, a cottage in Shropshire that is run on wind-generated electricity. The water comes from a spring and the cottage is heated by a wood-burning stove. The conversion has been done beautifully with local wood and stone and lime plaster was used on the walls, which is the best thing to use for these old buildings. There were only two or three other buildings visible from where we were, the cottage is on an organic farm so the kids got to see lambs, feed the sheep and cattle and fetch eggs from the henhouse and the Clun valley itself is spectacularly beautiful. It’s a fairly long and arduous drive from London but it is worth it to be somewhere so remote and far away from it all. The morning before I woke up to the sound of police trying to arrest one of my neighbours and chasing him around the street (cue much excitement and curtain-twitching), so this was a welcome break from city life.

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